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IR (Infrared) Techinal Docs

For non technical Infrared documentation, see Elve Management Studio Application documentation.

IR Code Sequence Library

IR codes are stored in the IRLibrary.xml file. This file is located in the Common Program Data Directory.

The IRDriverBase class is used as the base for all IR drivers and provides support for processing the IRLibrary.xml file and handling dynamic properties.

The IRLibrary.xml file is sent to each IR driver during startup.

Custom Device Parameter Editor

A custom device parameter editor is used to allow the user to choose which IR devices should be associated with the device.

Custom Device Event Parameter Editor

A custom device event parameter editor is used to allow the user to choose which IR command the ReceivedIR event should filter on.

IR Learning

An IR device driver must support the IIRRecieverDriver interface to learn ir commands.

The Learn() and Listen() methods return an array of IRCodes. The driver may return multiple digitized ir command formats. For example the Global Cache driver returns both Pronto and native Global Cache commands.

IR Blasting

IIRBlasterDriver interface

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