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Downloadable Touch Screen Interfaces

Use the Touch Screen Builder application to import and customize the touch screen interfaces provided here.

Please see the Touch Screen Builder Documentation for instructions on how to import the touch screens.

READ: Since no user's system is configured the same, some touch screen functions may need to be adjusted to work in your environment. The touch screen's available here reference devices by their default names (such as 'lighting', 'mediaplayer', 'musiclibrary', 'weather'), so if you have changed the names of your devices from the default you will need to update the touch screens so they reference the appropriate device name.

Steel Dashboard

This 1024 x 600 touch screen interface is a completed interface, but provides room for future features.

The size of this touch screen fits the Samsung Q1 UMPC computer, however you may use this on 1024 x 768 or larger screens as well.

Most of the buttons in this touch screen are individual graphic images, so feel free to rearrange the layout or add more buttons to customize the look and feel.

Tip: This is a good touch screen interface to explore when learning to build your own interfaces.

Tip: The gray panels in this touch screen are actually slightly transparent. For a custom look, edit the main touch screen's properties and set the background image to your favorite picture for a more personal touch.


Blue Mist

This 1024 x 768 touch screen interface provides the most typical functionality.

This touch screen uses the concept of a single fixed background image with all button images in the background image. This makes setting up the touch screen quicker by adding transparent buttons over the button images, but reduces the flexibility of tweaking the layout without having the original graphics.

Some touch screen buttons have been intentionally left functionless and are available for you to customize for your own use.

This touch screen uses a font called "Mistral" that does not come standard with Windows. The Mistral font is available online for free as well as pay sites. At the time of this writing it can be found for free here.


iPhone & iPod Touch


This touch screen is designed to fit the iPhone and iPod Touch screens (320 x 480). Although it was designed to be be used with the iPhone Viewer app, it can be viewed with any of the other touch screen viewer apps as well.

It was designed to be very flexible so any of the user interface elements can be moved or modified.

Apple®, iPod touch™ and the iPhone™ are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


General Purpose and Examples

New installations will include the General Purpose and Examples touch screen interfaces, but if you have previously installed (or are upgrading) the software you will need to download the touch screen interface import files and import them using the Touch Screen Builder application.

  • General Purpose*

This is an 800 x 600 general usage touch screen interface that supports the most common features of most device types. Until you add more devices to the system, this touch screen interface will be fairly limited in functionality since the base installation only pre-configures a few simple devices - the pre-configured New York city NOAA Weather device being the only one accessible from this touch screen. This touch screen interface uses the Device List control to allow interacting with most installed devices by scrolling through a list of your devices.

* This touch screen interface is designed to work with almost any configuration but comes at a large performance cost (especially over networks). If you are interested in optimal performance, touch screen controls should directly reference the specific device to be controlled as opposed to using the device list control as this touch screen does. Please see one of the other touch screen packs for better design practices.

Basic Concepts

This is a very simple touch screen interface intended for educational purposes and demonstrates the use of many of the available touch screen user interface controls. Take a look at this touch screen interface first if you are interested in creating your own custom touch screens.

  • Simple Media Player

This is a simple touch screen interface intended for educational purposes and demonstrates some simple user interface controls that interface with a media player device.


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