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Driver Service

This component hosts the device drivers and facilitates communication between the devices and the Master Service. This component can be installed on multiple computers and is required on any machines that will control devices. The installer will automatically start this windows service during installation. The Driver Service does not require a user to be logged in to Windows, runs in the background as a windows service, and has no user interface.

When do you need a Driver Service?

This is a critical component for any complete Elve system so at least one Driver Service should be installed.

Recommended Setup

  • Elve Enthusiast & Elve Power Enthusiast

The driver service must be installed on the same machine as the Master Service.

  • Elve Professional

Because the system is network distributed, driver services can be installed on more than one machine. For the very best performance you should only install one driver service and it should be installed on the same machine as the Master Service.

If you must install the driver service on a different machine, a driver service should still be installed on the same machine as the master service to provide the best performance for the following devices:

* Any Internet or TCP/IP based devices.
* Global Variables
* Date & Time
* Timers


Any device that you add to the system is associated with a driver service in the device's configuration. This means that the device driver will run on the machine you specify (if the machine has the driver service installed).

File Permissions Troubleshooting

The Driver Service runs in the background as a windows service, so it is running even when you are not logged into Windows. Because of this the driver service runs under the Windows SYSTEM user account. This is a built in Windows user account that most windows services run under.

When you use any drivers which access files (such as the music library driver) you must ensure that the driver has access to the file. Some drivers provide an optional username and password setting which can be used to tell the driver what Windows user account to use when accessing the files. This is very helpful for accessing files over a network on another machine. You do not need to specify the username and password if the SYSTEM account has read access to files. On most systems the SYSTEM account has access to all files on the local machine but not files across a network.

The following drivers require file or directory access:

* These drivers allow specifying a username, password and domain name of a Windows user account.

A common configuration complication is when the media files are not stored on the same pc as the media player or the pc that the media library is running on. In this situation the user would normally see something similar to the following error:

The 'medialibrary' device failed to scan the '\\mediaserver\media' subdirectory for media. Access to the path '\\mediaserver\media' is denied.
The error indicates that the media library driver was unable to scan the provided path since it does not have sufficient permissions to do so. In the example above you can see that a network path was specified. The SYSTEM user account does not have access to the network file share so this will not work.

There are at least four solutions to this problem:

  1. The best solution is to simply specify a username, password and domain in the driver settings for a Window account which has access to the file.
  2. Move the media files to the pc running the Driver Service that the media library is running under.
  3. Install a Driver Service on the pc that has the media files and run the media library driver from there.
  4. Change the user which the Driver Service runs under. This is done through the Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services utility. In the Service's dialog box, under Log on as, select This account, and then enter the changed account information. This is an advanced topic and only recommended for those familiar with network administration and windows services. Be aware each time the software is updated the driver's user account will be reset the the SYSTEM user account and the installer would need to change it back to the desired user.


The Driver Service must be able to establish a network connection to the Master Service, and the Master Service must be able to establish a network connection with the Driver Service (or be installed on the same machine).
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