Desktop Server Application

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This windows application allows the system to start, stop, and communicate with applications in the windows user session that the Desktop Server is running under. It can for example start up a music player such as ITunes and control it.

This can be installed on multiple pcs.

When do you need the Desktop Server?

The following drivers require that the Desktop Server application be running on the same machine as the software it is to control.

If you are not using any of the above drivers then the Desktop Server is not required and does not need to be run (nor does it need to be installed).

User Interface

This application adds an icon to your Windows System Tray (usually in the task bar at lower right corner of your desktop).

To exit the application, right click the application's system tray icon and select the Exit menu item.

Auto Startup

You would normally add this application to your start up folder so it starts every time you sign in to windows, but only if it is needed based on your configured devices (see the When do you need the Desktop Server section above).