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Web Server

The built in web server allows you to view and control automation devices through a web browser. The web server supports ASP.NET as well as J9 Server Pages (J9SP).

If you do not already have Microsoft Internet Information Server 5.0+ (IIS) installed, you can use this light weight ASP.NET compatible web server. It is recommended that you use this web server for intranet use only as it may be unsafe to expose it to the internet. Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) comes free with Microsoft Windows, but is not installed by default.

The web server port defaults to port 80 (or 33904 if IIS is already installed), but is configurable with the Machine Settings Tool.

If you prefer to use IIS 5.0+, please review the Configuring IIS for J9SP page.

When do you need a Web Server?

The Web Server is an optional component but is required to view web pages.

Recommended Setup

Although more than one Web Server can be installed (on separate machines) you would normally only install one. For the best performance the Web Server should be installed on the same machine as the Master Service.


The Web Server must be able to establish a network connection to the Master Service, and the Master Service must be able to establish a network connection with the Web Server (or be installed on the same machine).

Running from Internet or Other Network

Running Elve Management Studio on a different network than the Master Service or with a firewall between them usually requires additional configuration using the Machine Settings Tool. It is normally not recommended to run the Web Server (or IIS) in this configuration. Normally you would run it on the same machine as the Master Service.
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