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About Codecore Technologies

Codecore Technologies, LLC is a Phoenix, Arizona based software development and technologies company delivering large scale application development projects using Microsoft® .NET technologies for web, cloud, server, desktop, and mobile platforms.


In addition to contracted services, Codecore Technologies is the maker of the popular Elve automation and control solution.

Elve integrates your automation and home theater systems and devices into a single cohesive solution providing internet enabled remote and automated control from anywhere in the world. Elve controls your lighting & electrical, media players, security system, cameras, home theater, infrared devices, multi-room audio, thermostats, irrigation and more. We have applications for your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, PocketPC, Windows, Windows CE, MacOS, Linux, and your web browser. Elve is a secure and powerful high-quality tool that sets a new standard in ease of setup and configuration in the control and automation industry.

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