Logging Service

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The logging service is a part of the master server service and starts immediately when the master service starts. It is done before any other master service task is done to provide immediate availability of logging for itself and other applications/services.

The service logs everything that is sent to it (regardless of the severity).

Log file path:

Common Logging Interface

The log service is accessed through a common interface that is accessible by all applications and services including the master service.

The Master Server Host Name -and- Logger Verbosity are retrieved from the Client Configuration File immediately before the first entry is logged. However the the file is usually loaded immediately upon startup of an application/service.

The interface only logs messages with a severity included in the Logger Verbosity setting.

When Logging Fails

When the logging service can not be contacted for any reason, logging will be cached locally until a connection can be made to the logging service.

Local Log File Cache Path