Touch Service

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This component is a network distributed service providing touch screen interface display data for thin client applications supporting the Remote Touch Screen Protocol. Elve Touch Service does the majority of the processing while the thin client viewer displays data sent from the server and sends user interactions such as screen touches to the server. Elve Touch Service processes the user interactions, monitors dynamic screen changes, and sends screen updates to the Elve Touch application.

When do you need a Touch Service?

The Touch Service must be installed if you plan to use any of the following applications:

Recommended Setup

For the best performance the Touch Service should be installed on the same PC as the Master Service but can be installed on multiple PCs to distribute the work load... however this would only be necessary when servicing a large number of clients.


Running from Internet or Other Network

Running Touch Service on a different network than the Master Service or with a firewall between them usually requires additional configuration using the Machine Settings Tool. It is normally not recommended to run Touch Service in this configuration. Normally you would run it on the same machine as the Master Service.

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