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"I chose Elve because I like how it's built and it was unbelievably easy to get running - and has so much more potential for when I have time to experiment more." - Work2Play - Forum

"I'm impressed with how well the Elve Mobile software performs with the iPad as a remote. ... Seems rock solid and straightforward which seems to be typical of Elve software." - Deane Johnson - Forum

"I have to tell you, I'm impressed. ... A lot of stuff I had hooked up 'just worked'. I was really pleased when the "Basic Template" connected to my M1G and created lists of the stuff (lights and tasks) without any input from me. It made it a whole lot easier to play around with!" - Micco - Elve Forum

"I've said it before, but it bears repeating - your interest in making your software work well and be user friendly is refreshing. And your responsiveness is nothing short of incredible!" - mikedj - Elve Forum

"I'm extremely impressed with Elve" - roussell - Forum

"As I play with it, I 'm loving this software more and more. I hold a license to CQC, but this is FAR easier to use and much more intuitive!!!!!" - jmark - Elve Forum

"I've changed over to Elve for a number of reasons the biggest of which is apparent speed of the interface. Caching the images or the way you do it seems to be a huge improvement over CQC screen writes especially when using heavy graphics with lots of images. Elve just seems easier to navigate and understand even though I've been using CQC forever." - dgeffs - Elve Forum

"I have been comparing HomeSeer, CQC, and Elve side by side under pretty heaving usage. To be fair, not so much with CQC (mostly because it is too much of a beating and not a fun experience).

Elve is superior in so many ways, it is hard to comprehend. I suppose I value my time a lot and the fact that you can get Elve going without even looking at a manual is amazing.

What really seems to separate Elve from the others is that it is by far the easiest to use, but also has pretty close to the same functionality (not far away and moving quickly). It's just such a different experience and after basically feeling worn down by HomeSeer and CQC, Elve has given me new energy. Thanks John, you have truly done an amazing job. I wonder how this all plays out in the HA market in the next few years. I will certainly try to direct anyone I can towards your way. I don't really think it is a choice." - Aslamma - Elve Forum

"One of the huge benefits of Elve over HS is that you won't spend countless hours trying to get things working. I downloaded HS 2.x and wanted to get J River Media Center and my Elk running. I spent days trying to get everything working and in the end, it still had issues. My frustration prompted me to give Elve a try. Within the first 2 hours, I had email out, JRMC, the Elk, and weather up and running. They have been ever since." - scriptx - Elve Forum

"This is the first I've used the Elve touchscreen interface and I'm blown away by the fact that (with a few aliases configured) I was able to start controlling a bunch of my equipment within 5 minutes. That is an incredible testament to Elve, its UI implementation, and the Festive example interface." - iolaus- Elve Forum

"I have been around the block a few times, starting with Homeseer at version .9 or something, then many others between. There is great competition out there, but Elve thus far is the easiest setup out of the box and is extremely stable thus far." - DaveB - Elve Forum

"The support has been nothing short of phenomenal." - Deane - Forum
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