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The Elve Advantage

Consumers and professional integrators have told us that they want an easy to configure but powerful and flexible solution for commercial and home control, automation, and media management. Here are a few points that separate Elve from the rest:

  • Quickest install and setup.
    Elve can be installed and up and running in under a minute with working sample touch screen interfaces and sample simulation devices.

  • The Easiest to use.
    Elve saves you time by being the easiest to setup and use in it's class.

  • Comes with working Touch Screen Interfaces.
    The sample touch screens work right out of the box immediately after installing and can be modified to fit your unique needs.

  • Hot-swappable device drivers
    You can swap out a device driver (including the simulation drivers) with any other device in the same device category and everything just works.

  • Modern intuitive interface.
    Elve follows the Microsoft user interface guidelines, making it an intuitive experience for Windows users.

  • Modern Automation Technologies.
    Elve supports the most popular modern automation technologies and more.

  • Robust Security
    Elve supports unlimited user accounts and a robust security infrastructure allowing protection at both the administrator and end user levels.

  • True English Grammar Action Editor
    Elve's Action List Editor uses a true English grammar point and click editor which requires no scripting or programming experience to use.

  • Familiar Scripting Language
    Power users can optionally use Elve's JavaScript-like scripting language as an alternative to the English Grammar Action Editor, making it quick for existing web developers to use and quick for new users to learn.

  • Extensible via Microsoft.NET
    Device drivers can be written in any Microsoft.NET lanaguage (C#, VB.NET, etc) to add functionality to Elve to to add device support.

  • Many Interfaces
    Third party applications can interface with Elve in a number of ways, including a RESTful web service, XML Communication Protocol, Remote Touch Screen Protocol, a command line tool, device drivers, and more.

  • Compiled and Uncompiled Device Drivers
    Both compiled and uncompiled device drivers are supported so whether you have a compiled .NET assembly dll or a C# .cs file, Elve can load the driver.

  • Get a FREE Elve Professional license with a new touch screen interface or device driver submission.
    Our device driver incentive program or and touch screen designer programs offer free licenses to Elve.

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