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A device driver provides a software interface between a physical or virtual device and the Elve system. Drivers generally expose properties, methods, configuration parameters, and events to the system.

Within Elve, the term device generally refers to a configured instance of a driver. So for example you can configure multiple Elk M1 devices in the system which all would use the Elk M1 Driver.

Software developers can add new custom drivers to the system by referring to the Driver Development documentation.

Release Stage

Elve is shipped with many device drivers which have been tested thoroughly. During the development of a device driver, the Elve staff or 3rd party developers may include drivers with the Elve installation which are under development and ready for testing by the Elve user base. These drivers will be marked as such within Elve Management Studio and the user will be notified when choosing one.

The release stage of any driver can be seen in Elve Management Studio when choosing and editing device settings. The release stage indicates the stability and completeness of the driver's functionality and should always be considered when choosing a device driver. Drivers with the Production release stage have been thoroughly tested, have no known major issues, and are generally the most feature rich. If you choose to use a driver marked with a Development, Test, or Experimental release stage please report any issues you encounter so we can make improvements.

  • Development: Indicates that the driver in the development stage, is incomplete and/or may not be stable.
  • Test: Indicates that the driver is complete feature-wise but may not be completely stable.
  • Production: Indicates that the driver is complete and stable.
  • Depreciated: Indicates that the driver is no longer supported and there may be a newer alternate driver which replaced it.
  • Experimental: Indicates that the driver is available as-is but may not be supported and may not be completely stable.
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