Supported Devices

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Elve provides direct support for a wide variety of automation hardware and virtual devices. Support for any given device is provided through the device drivers listed below. Some devices provide wider support for many devices which are not listed here, for example many other lighting and thermostat devices can be controlled through the Elk M1 and HAI Omni Pro II drivers.


Don't see support for a device you were looking to control? If support is not available for a desired device...

Release Stages

Elve is shipped with many device drivers which have been tested thoroughly. During the development of a device driver, the Elve staff or 3rd party developers may include drivers with the Elve installation which are under development and ready for testing by the Elve user base. These drivers will be marked as such within Elve Management Studio and the user will be notified when choosing one.

See the device drivers document for more information on driver release stages.

The Device Drivers

  • Remote Controls
    • Wii Remote
    • For Infrared (IR) control see the Infrared section.

* This is a 3rd party driver and is not included with the installation.

† Coming Soon