PocketPC Touch Screen Viewer

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The Pocket PC Touch Screen Viewer application is a subset of the PC version of the Touch Screen Viewer and runs on Pocket PC devices.

This program requires network access and depending on your phone may require use of a wireless data plan if a Wi-Fi network is not used. An unlimited wireless data plan is recommended or addition charges may be incurred by your wireless provider.



  1. Transfer the PocketPC-TouchScreenViewer-Installer.CAB file to your PocketPC storage (internal or external). This can be done in a variety of ways: Active Sync, file copy by browsing network, or email.
  2. Run the .cab file from the location you transferred it to. This is usually done by clicking Start Menu -> Programs -> File Explorer and then browsing to the file's location.
  3. After running the cab file, follow on screen prompts. The PocketPC may prompt for a location to install, internal or external (storage card) depending on device or configuration.
  4. The installer will add a shortcut to the Start Menu-> Programs menu on the PocketPC as J9AE Touchscreen.


When the application is run for the first time you will be required to to fill out the application settings. You can also change the settings at anytime from the application menu.


Differences from PC version

Firewall Settings

The PocketPC application connects to the master server using the following ports:

Please ensure any firewalls between the PocketPC and the master server allow traffic on those ports.