Hardware Suggestions

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Elve provides support for a wide range of hardware devices and we are often asked which of these devices we recommend for use with Elve. While there is no "one answer" and an installation depends on various factors (such as cost, new build/retro-fit, reliability, and customer needs) we have put together some examples below as a starting point.

The list below includes the categories for which were are most often asked:

Hardware Category Enthusiasts Mainstream & High End
Lighting Insteon PLM UPB or Z-Wave*
Security Elk M1 or HAI Omni Pro II Elk M1 or HAI Omni Pro II
IR Distribution USB-UIRT Global Caché
Climate Control via security panel via security panel
Media Player Elve Media Player SqueezeBox
Multi-Room Audio Controller None Russound or Nuvo

* For two way Z-Wave status updates use Leviton ViziaRF+ products.
† Elve Media Player is a software media player built into Elve at no additional cost, and not a hardware device. A computer sound card is required.
‡ Elk M1 and HAI Omni Pro II both offer support for a wide variety of lighting and thermostat control which can be accessed through Elve even if Elve does not have a corresponding driver.