Elve Mobile for Android

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Elve Mobile provides remote access to your Elve Home Automation and Control System.

Elve is an internet enabled control, automation, and media management software package providing automated and remote control for all your home automation and home theater devices from anywhere in the world.

Elve Mobile for Android provides a rich visual touch screen interface for controlling your Elve system and viewing system information. Control your lighting & electrical, media players, security system, home theater, infrared devices, multi-room audio, thermostats, irrigation and more. User's can use one of the touch screen interfaces provided with the system or can create their own, or use touch screen interfaces that have been created by other users.

Elve Mobile is a thin client application which uses the Remote Touch Screen Protocol to communicate with Elve Touch Service. The majority of the processing is done in the Elve Touch Service while the mobile device displays data sent from the server and sends user interactions such as screen touches to the server. Elve Touch Service processes the user interactions, monitors dynamic screen changes, and sends screen updates to the Elve Mobile application.

This program requires network access and may require use of a wireless data plan if a Wi-Fi network is not available. An unlimited wireless data plan is recommended or addition charges may be incurred by your wireless provider.



Elve Mobile for Android is available in Google Play.

Starting Elve Mobile

Elve Mobile can be found in your Android application launcher. When you run Elve Mobile for the first time you will be required to enter a Server address, Username, and Password.

Touch the Sign In button to sign in to your Elve home automation system.

When you run Elve Mobile in the future, you will automatically be signed in as the user specified in the application settings. Pressing the menu button on the Android device will return you to the settings screen if you need to make any changes.

The initial touch screen interface for the specified user account will always load when starting up. This can be changed by editing the user account settings using Elve Management Studio.

Mobile Device Buttons

Your Android device is equipped with Home, Menu and Back hardware buttons.


The application settings must be entered before connecting to your Elve environment. These settings generally only need to be set once.

Example: (this is an ip address)
Example: example.com (this is a host name or domain name)

Firewall Settings

Please ensure any firewalls between the application and the specified Touch Service allow traffic on that port. The default port is 33907 TCP.

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