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Master Service

This component is the central communications hub that most applications "talk" to and hosts the system configuration and logging service. There can only be one Master Service installed per Elve system. The installer will automatically start this windows service during installation. The Master Service does not require a user to be logged in to Windows, runs in the background as a windows service, and has no user interface.

When do you need a Master Service?

This is a critical component for an Elve system and must be installed on one and only one machine.

Recommended Setup

It is recommended that you install the Elve Master Service on the same machine as your most heavily used Driver Service.


The Elve Master Service is not running

The Elve Master Service is a Windows service and is an essential component of the system and must be running for the Elve system to operate.

The following are reasons why the Elve Master Service might not be running:

  1. The service is not set up to auto-start.
  2. The service was manually shutdown.
  3. Another application is using conflicting tcp/udp ports. (the ports can be changed)
  4. The Elve Master Service configuration is corrupt.

You may attempt to manually start the Elve Master Service using the Windows Services application which is installed with the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Details on the cause can be found in the following locations:

  1. The Windows Event Viewer administration tool should have an entry for the ElveMasterService source.
  2. The or files in the Common Program Data Folder should contain information on the cause. You can manually open these files using a text editor application such as Notepad.
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