Log File Driver

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Allows logging device property values at timed intervals to a comma separated value (csv) file (or tab separated value file).

For example you could save your thermostat temperature(s) to a csv file every 15 minutes.

The 1st logged field will always be the date and time. Do not include it in the FieldNames or FieldValueScripts parameters.

Unexpected property values may be logged when the system starts up since some of the device property may not yet be known. For example the ElkM1 driver's heat set point temperature (which is initialized as -999) may not have been read yet at the time this driver logs it's value, so -999 would be written as it's value until the actual value was read from the ElkM1 panel.

This driver allows multiple instances.

Driver Parameters



Instance Methods


Forces the driver to log now.


void LogNow( )




temperaturelog.LogNow( );